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With organizations in every Alabama county, the Farmers Federation is an integral part of the communities it serves. Many farmers are schoolteachers, small business owners, ministers, parents and community leaders. Together, they provide the food, clothing, shelter and energy for a growing world. And farmers work hard to protect our environment and preserve our state's abundant natural resources.

As the voice of Alabama agriculture, the Farmers Federation works with government officials at the state and national levels to increase profitability for farmers. It also works to protect and enhance the standard of living for rural residents.
Federation members oppose unfair taxes and work to preserve crucial farm programs that are important to our nation's economic future and our national security.

Justin Barkley Candidate for State Board of Education and County Federation President Jimmy Bice

2015 Farm-City County winners


Shelby County Farmers Federation members enjoyed a trip to Montgomery for the Alabama Farmers Federation annual meeting Dec. 6-7. Top photo, Shelby County board members spent time with state Federation Central Area Vice President Dean Wysner of Randolph County, third from left. Wysner's area includes Shelby County. From left are Terry Wyatt, Shelby County Farmers Federation President Jimmy Bice, Dean Wysner, John DeLoach, Phillip Hunter and Robert Byrd. Second photo, members of the county's Women's Leadership Committee (WLC) fellowshipped with others during the state WLC luncheon Dec. 7, where all attendees received Christmas ornaments. From left are Kate DeLoach, county secretary Rachael Wood, Sylvia Byrd, Karen Wyatt and Joyce Bice


Farm City County Poster Winner

(left to right) Board Member Phillip Hunter, Poster Winner Addelynn Binkerd and Board Member Terry Wyatt

Farm City Poster Winner

(left to right) Board Member Phillip Hunter, Teacher Mrs. Pruitt, Poster winner Elena Feliciano and Board Member Terry Wyatt

farm-cirty 2016 010

(back row, left to right) Board Member Phillip Hunter, Teacher Mrs. Pruitt and Board Member Terry Wyatt, (front row left to right) Poster Winner Addelynn Binkerd and Poster Winner Elena Feliciano

farm-cirty 2016 004

(left to right) Board Member Phillip Hunter, Essay Winner Marion Bell, Board Member Terry Wyatt and Essay winners dad, Mr. Bell.

farm-cirty 2016 001

(left to right) Agent Andy Jones, Board Member Phillip Hunter, Multimedia winner Oscar Becerra, Teacher Dawn Bone and Board Member Terry Wyatt

The Shelby County Farmers Federation won second place for the group's display at the Shelby County Fair. The fair ran Oct. 5-10. Pictured are Shelby County Farmers Federation President Jimmy Bice and fair goer Harleigh Wood.

Shelby County Hosts Annual Meeting

The Shelby County Farmers Federation held its annual meeting Aug. 17 at the Old Courthouse in Columbiana. The guest speaker was Albama FFA Treasurer Anna Pollard of Jacksonville, center. She is pictured with Alabama Farmers Federation President Jimmy Parnell and county President Jimmy Bice.


Shelby County Farmers Federation members attended the University of Montevallo cooking contest Nov. 20. Students from schools across the county particpated. Pictured are overall juniors and seniors who received awards

The group also recognized scholarship recipients during the event. From left are county board member Carole Barton; Noel Welch, $1,000 scholarship recipient; Trey Colley, $1,750 scholarship recipient; Zack Smith, $1,000 scholarship recipient; and county President Jimmy Bice.

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montevallo ffa 1

Montevallo FFA Officers participated in a unique event Monday, February 15, at American Village.  The event, in conjunction with George Washington’s birthday, was to introduce and unveil “The Embattled Farmer”, a 16 foot bronze statue that is sponsored by ALFA Insurance/ AL Farmers’ Federation.  It represents colonial farmers who laid down their plows and picked up their muskets to fight for independence in the American Revolution. The original Embattled Farmer statue stands in Concord, Massachusetts, and was sculpted for the nation’s centennial celebration in 1876

                According to Jimmy Parnell, ALFA Farmers’ Federation President, “Farms suffered while the soldiers were at war, and some farmers even lost their land and way of life. Those farmers were willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good of freedom and liberty. That’s a lesson we can all learn from as we strive to put our country back on the right track.”

                The FFA Officers functioned as a courtesy corps to provide direction to those attending needing to get from one place or another.  The Officers, led by FFA Chaplain C.D. Lawley, led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance to begin the ceremony. 

                “It was an honor to represent Early American farmers who left their land unattended for the making of this country, exhibiting true leadership.” Said FFA Vice-President Kate Frederick.

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